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Life Groups

This is the core of what we do here at Community of Grace.

Our world is filled with people who walk through life with hundreds of acquaintances. Randy Frazee uses the term, "crowded loneliness." It seems as if nobody really knows anyone anymore. It is our goal to provide a setting where people can know and be known, love and be loved, befriend and be befriended by other people and God.

Our strategy for discipleship is to see everyone who participates in our corporate worship service (Sunday mornings at 10:15) move into a more intimate setting where they can study the Bible, ask questions, and make friends. Our LifeGroups are designed for you to get to know God and get to know others at the same time. Click Find A Group for more info on groups in your neighborhood and community.

Here is the place to plug in. Now is the time to plug in.